Take the operation of your department to the next level.

Do better. Start today. Improve every day (one bit at a time).

Remove the road blocks to your business growth. Fix those annoying, chronically frustrating problems no software seems able to tackle... by developing more Intelligent Business Operations. And do it fast, with the people who know your business operations best, even if they’re not technical.


We believe we have the arguments to globally make a diference
in the area of Enterprise Productivity Software.

Nonetheless we don't have a solutions for every company or department. Even before evaluating our produts we think potencial customers should start by deciding if they identify themselfs with our motivations (the reasons why we created CoB), with our method and our culture. This common ground is the solid base for the successful and long-term partnership we hope to create with all our customers.


Why we created
Cult of Bits?


Begin with
current reality!


Only a strong culture can guarantee
results on a long-term.



Why the cult of Bits?

Because we are tired of listening about problems in the way thing are done with a feeling of inevitability, that "there is nothing that can be done" and that "we have to accept things the way they are".

Because we know that there are a lot of people with the know-how, the team and the will to do better, but they lack the tools to change things. And we know that, in every company it's those people, the operational leaders, the right persons to define and implement changes to the operations, because they are the ones who know what's the best way to achieve results.

Because we want to create long lasting solutions that bring real and measurable gains to all our customers, by simplifying the day to day job of the people involved on the business operations.


How? Begin with the current reality!

We believe that the best approch for companies to improve is by continuously making small improvements. These improvements are defined and implemented directly in our products by the operational leaders, the ones who have the ideas and the knowledge to solve the existing problems.

Since the majority of existing softwares were not design with these people in mind we know that their options are limited and we want to change this.

All we do cames from that vision. The most best thing in our products are its users, because they are the ones who create the amazing solutions. Our software only allows that to be done.



That's why we strive for a company culture that, almost like a
continuously improves on the methodologies and technologies necessary to create the right sequence
that make up the best code for our products.

are the basis for

To get these brilliant ideas we’re constantly:
- Synergizing
- Researching and evaluating new technologies
- Sharing and discussing thoughts & ideas
- Selecting the best ones to innovate the products




That’s why we created, and continuously endorse, a clear culture that maps to the daily work our strong beliefs.

is a

Every day we want to be better than the day before. Our core work is to:
1) Listen to the market
2) Iterate & increment our products
3) Re-evaluate past options
4) Repeate from start

only comes from

To have them we try hard to:
1) Select the best candidates
2) Continuously train them
...and keep them by:
a) Respecting them and their ideas
b) Giving them the best possible conditions to do their work

Know the Team

Based on a group of founders that have worked together for almost 10 years, we try to maintain a local maximum of competence, experience, professionalism, criativity, good humor, irreverence and friendship.

João Barata

Senior Developer

João has a background in applied mathematics and started his professional life, back in 1997, as a researcher in Statistics and Operational Research at the Naval Engineering department of the Superior Technical Institute of Lisbon.

A major component of the research work involved writing simulation programs in Fortran and he enjoyed it so much that pushed him to try out a programming career in 2001...until today!

He has worked mostly as a Web Developer in the last 10 years developing enterprise applications . His has worked a few initial years with Oracle and Microsoft technologies and has later moved on to using mainly Java, JavaScript, Html as core tools to his work. He uses open source projects whenever is possible and has made some small contributions to them.

In his free-time João loves to build stuff. Cement, bricks and wood are his favorite toys for a well passed afternoon. A good squash game with his friends (with some beers afterwords) is also always welcomed.


João Nelas


João has been developing web based applications since 2001, using AJAX since before the term was invented, and he really loves the possibilities that the web brings to software..

He believes that enterprise software has been poorly made for a long time, and would like to bring to the business the same quality, care and attention to detail that consumer software has enjoyed.

João feels very close to the Software Craftsmanship movement and, in the last years, has focused on developing high-performance teams based on a strong technical background and the best of agile methodologies.

João holds a Computer Science degree from the University of Coimbra.


Miguel Mesquita


Miguel Mesquita is the CEO and co-founder of Cult of Bits. His main professional motivation has been the creation of long lasting solutions that bring innovation and real value to his customers' businesses..

Having started back in 1989 in the field of research and development, in 95 he joined the effort of designing and building, almost from scratch, the Internet in the Portuguese business landscape (from networking, security and basic service infra-structure to e-commerce and ICT management solutions).

Early on he added business management functions to his technical functions having been involved in the creation and management of a few companies. In these last 15 years his role on these companies included techincal management, product management, and business management.

With Cult of Bits he achieves an old dream of building a company where quality, work satisfaction and excellence are unquestionable goals built on strong culture values. Miguel has a computer science and engineering degree from IST. He's happily married and has three amazing little kids.


João Félix


Since he was a little boy, João always wanted to follow his father steps in the Portuguese Army. When he failed the admission tests for the Military Academy (by 2 abs), he thought:"Now what? Well, I guess I always liked computers!".

He then took a Bachelor's Degree in Communication and Information Technologies from the Science College of the University of Lisbon. He liked it so much that he decided to take a Master's Degree in Computer Science from the same college.

After that he applied for a job at Cult of Bits and has been working there since then. He believes he's working in a great environment, with very experienced colleagues who help him whenever he needs and with whom he has a lot of fun.

His working preferences are distributed applications, Java and also some scripting. When he's not working he loves to play Football Manager, listen to music, travel and drink some good cold beers (or wine, or other beverages).


Hugo Marcelino

Senior Developer

Graduated in Applied Mathematics with a specialization in Operational Research from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and having always liked programming, soon he realized what he wanted for his professional life.

He started programming in Pascal and rapidly evolved to other languages like Java, in which he got a certification. With over 10 years of experience, besides programming in Java, he also likes scripting languages, like ruby, groovy, javascript, and above all what he really likes is web development.

He considers himself a curious person, always trying to improve his skills and knowledge.

To relax, nothing like a good movie and whenever possible give some head shots at Urban Terror (even if his head is the one that takes most of them). Loves traveling.



We've identified what we think are the pillars of most business operations: the persons that perform the work, the information they require/produce and the tools they use. Everytime you have many of one or more of this elements its management becomes dificult. Our products help improve each of these sides of business (and all together):

  • “It became possible to deal with hundreds of operational details that were never focus of the many existing application.”

    Carlos Ferreira

    Portugal Telecom
  • “The biggest advantage is the ability to act simultaneously over diferent groups of stores or all.”

  • “We were able to reduce a historically increasing backlog to almost zero days in just three months, through more organization, systematization and automation of the different tasks involved in the operational process in question.”

    Novabase - Axian

  • “Galp's communications quality control management with its customers - reception, distribution and SLA analysis - was assembled in just over a month.”


  • “With the CoB solution we simplified and systematized the execution of several banking processes, reducing the execution time to a small fraction. The SLA has been fully complied with ever since.”


    Banco Popular
  • “In just over two days, it was possible to build a solution to conduct a national survey of all the scholarships, ensure their execution and analyze the results.”


  • “The solution developed allows each Santa Casa to analyze its evolution with all the desired detail and on the other hand to compare its performance with the average value of groupings of Santas Casas, while maintaining the confidentiality of each one individually.”


    Santa Casa
  • “Construction of a real-time analysis solution of the maintenance operation of the largest Spanish repairer of payment pinpads.”

    Diusframi Espanha

  • “The CoB software enables a real-time management and monitoring solution for more than half a million monthly administrative processes, coordinating the daily work of a team with more than 200 dedicated employees.”


  • “With CoB's solution, it was possible to introduce in small steps and over time a new way of registering and monitoring all the work of the service desk of Luanda's largest private datacenter.”



Facilities Management and Energy Efficiency

Many companies have tens, hundreds, even thousands of buildings that they need to maintain working in the best conditions to support the business. A correct energy management can save up to millions of dollars yearly.

Sales Operation Support

Altought the majority of companies have already invested in many different aplications like ERP and CRM, the every day work of sales teams is still based on a lot of Excel and email to coordinate actions and share information. That's why a system adaptable by the sales team themselfs to their needs brings significant gains in efficiency and efectiveness.

Telcos Operations Management

The coordination of hundreds of technical people, outsourcers and suppliers to keep a network with hundreds of thousands of customer equipments working in the best conditions is a huge daily challenge the telcos have to master in order to stand out.


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